Fun With Big Horns

It is very exciting to raise the largest horned cattle in the Texas Longhorn breed.  Part of raising the most "eye pleasing" genetics is the joy of selecting the matings, patiently waiting, then savoring the blossoms of careful selection and serious investments.  In this very competitive industry our family has enjoyed this challenge for 40years this coming May. It has been a most rewarding forty years.

The great steer Gibraltar, who was conceived by AI, sired by Senator, owned by Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) challenged the whole industry and was measured the total horn winner of any steer, cow or bull at the 2006 TLBAA Horn Showcase.  He was purchased by Wayne Forister and officially measured 126.5"

Shadow Jubilee was the widest horned cow officially measured, in any association, for a cow under 7 years of age.  She is sired by The Shadow, owned and exhibited by DCCI of Barnesville, Ohio.  The ITLA Call Of The Horns in Virginia, at the ITLA Championship Show she measured a whopping 79.25" tip to tip.

Super Bowl, bred and raised by DCCI (also artificially inseminated) won the TLBAA Horn Showcase with the widest tip to tip measurement of any bull at the show with an astounding 76".  He was purchased from DCCI by McCombs Ranches.

Shadow Spear, sired by The Shadow, bred and raised by DCCI was the widest horned steer his age of the TLBAA Horn Showcase.  He was born in 2001 and went 118.25" total horn and 96.625" tip to tip.  This is the fastest horn growing steer in documented history.  He was purchased by Wayne Forister.

Lawman won the ITLA Call Of The Horns widest horned tip to tip steer with 84".  He also won the Trophy Steer Judged Champion at the Virginia ITLA Championship show.  He is owned and exhibited by DCCI.

Horn is easy to raise in it's purest form when the top genetics are mated correctly.  Check the DCCI web site for great sires that will help you compete at the highest levels of superiority.  DCCI sires are proven producers, competitive with the world's best and priced for any entry level budget.  Note MILE MARKER who is a 3/4 brother to Shadow Spear is still only $25 per straw.  The Shadow is only $20 and Senator is only $20. Super Bowl is only $50 at DCCI.  If you want to add to your herd not only great competitive horn but also beef conformation call DCCI. Check the ranch site at  For young exhibition steers that will grow the competitive qualities everyone wants, we have them in numbers.

We wish you a pleasant 2007 from the Dickinson family. 


Shadow Jubilee at the Horn Showcase
Shadow Jubilee

Super Bowl
Super Bowl

Shadow Spear
Shadow Spear
Age 3


Mile Marker
Mile Marker

Dickinson Family
Dickinson Family - Dec. 2006
From Left: Kirk, Nicole, Dela, Austin, Steve, Linda, Brice, Darol,
Stef, Shane, Chad, Trista, Marshall, Kara, Joel, Misty, and Bry

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