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Ross Ohlendorf (TL owner)

Ross OhlendorfSome buy Sports Illustrated for the good articles, some for bathing suite styles, some because of the great photos, but not often do cowboys run out and purchase a copy to read about TEXAS LONGHORN CATTLE. Well, such is today.

Ross Ohlendorf has stirred the fans with his fast pitch, but he stirred the author of this article with his Texas Longhorn cattle herd. For many years Ross and his dad Curtis have worked with the same tenacious demand for quality in the cow herd as Ross has worked to put a pitch in the upper ninety mph speed right on a 2" target. These genetic details are revealed in quality cattle and cheering fans.

In 2002 Ross and Curtis came to Dickinson Cattle Co (not far from Pittsburgh) and selected the young bull "Capone" for their Texas herd sire. He did them a great job. From his first calf crop a female named "CO Penta" was born, later to sell for $49,000 in the Legacy sale. A beautiful set of Capone daughters grace the Rocking O Ranch today.

Since purchasing Capone, the Ohlendorfs have returned to Ohio and purchased more unrelated bulls -- Undeniable, Clean Kill and Winner's Edge. At Dickinson Cattle Co Inc we are honored that great people like the Ohlendorfs come to DCCI and make carefully calculated selections. Their concern about growth, weights, disposition, and rapid fire horn growth make the computer records at DCCI attractive to them.

We celebrate Ross' success. And, keep raising those $49,000 cattle. Your magic arm that fires the near 100 mph fast ball won't live forever, but the cow herd will just keep having great calves and every spring will be a new winning season.

(Read the attached article from Sports Illustrated.)

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