Appreciation for Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorns are becoming very appreciated in large cattle areas all over the world because of modern beef qualities and their rugged constitution.

Professional cattlemen world wide select improved genetics from the USA of all breeds. Not all of these breeds prove successful in their new homes. Many beautiful, fat American breeds just won't perform without large amounts of high quality hay & professionally prepared grains. In fact very few breeds do well under harsh conditions that come from a pampered environment. The Texas Longhorn has been in the USA for over 500 years with less assistance from man than any other breed. For instance, calving ease. Every Longhorn that could not give birth unassisted died. With unassisted calving for hundreds of years Longhorn sired calves are born 99.7% without help, according to M.A.R.C. of Clay Center, Nebraska, USA.

As this bundle of nature developed genetics is found in Texas Longhorns, we offer several of the very best sires in the breed for export. These profit traits can be added to herds all over the world with frozen semen. Shipments are mostly Federal Express, UPS, or other world transports. Contact DCCI for special volume quotes of the following sires.

Note - Semen orders may be place by calling 740-758-5050. Visa or Master Card are preferred payment methods in US funds.

Thank you for your consideration of our 32 years of Texas Longhorn practice of precision breeding.

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Appreciation for Texas Longhorns
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