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Texas Longhorn cattle have been the mainstay of Dickinson Cattle Company, Inc. ever since the very beginning. To make this all coordinate in a smooth way takes some very dedicated and quality employees. We hope this WEB page gives you an opportunity to learn a little more about each one. As you dial the number at the home office, perhaps the information in this article will assist you in going right to the person that you want to talk to. This is not a government office. You will find a human voice answering the phone nearly every time, people with names, who care about you and your business.
Darol and Linda live on the ranch in Ohio. Darol is showing cattle to investors daily. When you call DCCI specifically ask for the person in charge of that division and your request will be promptly handled with courtesy and efficiency. As you know, your business is greatly appreciated at DCCI.
KidsDickinson kid crop. L to R Marshall Dickinson, Bry Dickinson, Shane Dickinson, Kara Dickinson, Nicole Lenz, Trista Dickinson, Brice Dickinson, Austin Lenz,
Most of these kids are just kids, but some are even more. Marshall can cut fire wood, catch enough fish for his family for winter, drive a ranch truck and do ranch chores. Nicole can whack a ball, dribble a ball and throw different sized balls, check pasture inventories, locate lost calves, and eats a lot. She is nearly tall enough to grab ducks with a rake. Austin can eat, hit a ball, throw a ball, catch a ball, kick a ball, and gentle snakes. Brice can run like a spotted ape, throw a fast ball, catch some balls, win a trophy for doing things with balls, and eat. Shane can eat, don't like balls all the time, he can eat, likes girls older then him, eat, likes girls younger than him, can pick ticks off a dog, and eat. Kara can carry fire wood, mail the mail, make coffee for her papa, makes good grades, and don't eat good. Trista talks a lot, she eats, makes good grades, drives her teacher crazy, likes Sunday School, gets in your face, has an answer for everything, has legs long enough that both reach the ground. Bry doesn't eat good, he....., and he...., uhh, carries fire wood, he....... and then he ......... And that is about that. All together they can make more noise than a hung-over chip monk, a fire truck with a bad wheel bearing, a stuttering parot or a crippled cat with it's tail under a deaf persons rocking chair.
Linda Dickinson Linda Dickinson is Office Manager taking care of all the incoming mail. She does computer inventories, all billings, registrations, transfers and works as a full time grandmother all the time. All semen orders are processed and handled by Linda. When ordering Texas Longhorn semen place your order with Linda. This photo shows Linda with grandchildren - Brice and Shane Dickinson -- Austin and Nicole Lenz.

(She does not brush hog or AI cows.)

Kirk Dickinson is in charge of payroll, video sound production, the entire website, computer repairs, ranch security, IRS audits, everything graphic or high tech, the Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar and does some of the cattle hauling. Kirk has been DCCI full time since 1994. Kirk does the website, ad layouts, camera ready ad copy, etc... (He enjoys children, but will not change a diaper.)
Kirk is married to Teu (Linda # 2) and lives with her on the ranch. His family assistants include wife Teu, Bry, and Jazzi.

Teu DickinsonTeu Dickinson has been with Longhorns Head to Tail Tours for years. She is in charge of store inventory, bus tours, tour bookings, narrations, bus driving, copy dialog, and guest hospitality. (She will get a tour bus stuck in deep mud, but will blame it on Audrey.)
She answers phones, handles sales of beef, and shipping of skulls, mounted steer heads, Longhorn lamps, Longhorn hides, nose riding bits, and all the full line of DCCI products, tools and decor related to the Longhorn industry .
Teu (Linda) is married to Kirk and lives on the ranch.
Joel DickinsonChad Dickinson has been in charge of construction and design of the homes, office, guest pavilion and barns at DCCI.  His main talent is building huge multi angle homes for people with elegant taste, military office quarters, apartment complexes, and complicated developments that would drive normal people crazy just to read the plans.  Click here for a few of Chad's projects. Chad lives in Austin, Texas and works for a premium custom house builder. When he built his first tree house none would have ever dreamed it would come to this? (Chad loves thick steaks when he artistically applies the fire; he can walk a tight rope, four "friends" have broken bones while trying to skiing as fast as he does, and he can sleep while small kids jump on his stomach; his mother in law is a 65 year old licensed ship Capitan; his kids have made 23 touchdowns in two years and his wife drives over 400 miles a week taking the kids to games.)
Joel Dickinson

Joel Dickinson is in charge of all the physical cattle and land operations at Dickinson Cattle Co. He does welding, barn building, embryo transfers, timber, horn jewelry, fence construction and complete herdsmanship tasks. His responsibilities are the entire outdoor division plus he is working to master the office computer. He spends his days working cattle, dealing with coal, oil, brine and gas companies, negotiating with the timber industry, selling DCCI hunting permits to fishermen turkey and deer hunters. Joel and approved family members can be seen in person at 4 of the major annual Texas Longhorn events.
Joel is married to Misty. They have three children, Marshall, (Marshall currently serves in the US Army) Kara, and Bry. They live on the ranch at Longhorn Hideaway Development. (He does AI cows, but does not show up for IRS audits or press interviews.)

Roger MooreBecky Kemp came to DCCI 4 years ago from a school teaching career and quickly became a Tour Narrator, store clerk, landscaper, catered meal specialists, student of Texas Longhorn history, and profession everything. Everyone loves Becky and her constant attention to every detail of making Longhorn Heads to Tail work. Becky has a husband, Lowell, two lovely daughters and numerous grand kids. Anyone who says one thing bad about Becky, and they will get vacuumed up off the parking lot.
Darol Dickinson Darol Dickinson is General Manager, and assists in sales of cattle. He does much of the photography and video tapes produced at DCCI. Darol is in charge of advertising and the herd mating selections. When investors visit the ranch, Darol does personal tours. He writes articles for the newsletter and occasionally judges longhorn shows.  Darol was president of the International Texas Longhorn Association from 1997 to 1999. He is a BueLingo Beef Cattle Society director. (He catches huge turtles for the local festival, but refuses to eat cucumbers, does not repair tractors, but does AI cows.)
Roger Moore Roger Moore is in charge of cattle feeding, fence building, mechanical repairs, vaccinations, equipment, and does most of the serious muscle work. (He will not use a computer, but will boil steer skulls.)
CliffWill Austin is not a DCCI ranch employee, but a cousin to the ranch owners.  Will attended the Dickinson School of Livestock Photography in 1984 and was one of several graduates who has achieved success with image skills.  Check his site at or  His graphics are dynamic and the depth of design and color will snap your suspenders.  Will is headquartered in Seattle and travels the world over on assignments.  Check his coverage of the inauguration shots. (Will cooks a wicked charcoal quiche shish-ka-bob, has changed many diapers, has a professional ballet performing wife and hates to be caught out of focus)
KidsGrand Kids - The DCCI owners have 8 children. They may be spotted on the ranch under hay stacks, eating, running, screaming, messing, or sleeping. (They don't change diapers, sleep when you want them to, but they do jump on uncle Kirk's stomach when he is trying to sleep.) Dickinson Family at Christmas 2008

Cliff and Glen are in charge of wildlife management at DCCI. White tail deer are abundant closely followed by wild turkey, Canadian geese, coyotes, and trespassers. All may be harvested during the proper seasons. (Cliff likes to run 26 mile marathons, but sack hunting snipes is his highest ambition.) Contact C & G Hunting for hunting information. 330-388-2338 or 330-256-1510

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